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CUSTOM BOOT WORK – WITH MASTER BOOT FITTER – JEFF GRELLA  Contact Jeff directly at Ultimate Feet, or (949) 630-5037

Custom Sport Orthotics. – Orthotics (1 hour) $169-95-$235
All ski book sales and orthotic fittings are performed by appointment only. This is a one-on-one format designed to provide the best boot fit required. Due to our limited space, groups will be discouraged from lingering during the fitting.
These services may include some or all of the following: -Biomechanical Foot Analysis -Ski Boot Last Evaluation -Ski Orthotic (Custom or Semi) -Minor Shell Stretching and/or Grinding -Custom Liner Heat Molding -Ski Boot Cuff Alignment -Stance Balance and Alignment Check
New Ski Boot Fit Analysis.(45 minutes) $30.
REFUNDABLE – This fee can be applied towards the purchase of your new boot “Or” the custom fitting of any customer supplied boot. A new boot fit is best achieved using a thin sock so please plan accordingly.
Our goal is always to make sure you purchase the right fit for your needs. However, we realize today’s consumer enjoys shopping online in the comfort of their own home. This is our way of ensuring that your money is well spent and, when you return for your actual fitting, we can provide a fit that meets our high level of standard.
Boot Stretching & Grinds. – Pricing depends on qty and depth required. (30 minutes +) starting at $30.
*For best results, we recommend the foot be stabilized with some level of Ski Orthotic.
Custom Liner & Molding. – (2 hours +) $400. Today’s ski boots come standard with heat moldable Liners. Utilizing this feature can greatly improve the fit and feel of your new or used ski boot. For best results, we recommend this service be performed using some level of Ski Orthotic.
Ski Boot Canting and Balance Correction (1 hour +) Starting at $30.